Cupid’s Trick is a small batch, self-care apothecary, based in Victoria, BC, that uses aromatherapy and herbs to create natural products that help support inner peace and calm.


All of our products are carefully made by hand and with love. 

Cupid’s Trick began in 2019; growing from a love of plants,

and all the healing they provide. 

As someone who lives with sensitivities (in every sense of the word);  I wanted the fragrances in the products I use to be as gentle as possible.  When looking for beauty and self-care products, I always lean towards the simpler things, where natural and nourishing ingredients are key. The perfumes I make are all very subtle because I love the concept of the scent being for You to primarily smell, and not impose on others - having your perfume move with you and only you throughout the day.


Making my own products feels very special to me;

knowing every ingredient inside and out, and trusting they’ll do me

and all of you well.



We are currently accepting inquiries for wholesale opportunities.


Please cupidstrickstore@gmail.com for more information,

or visit our WHOLESALE page to apply online.